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Synopsis: “Is this one word or two?” This question is asked by many young students when they discover compound words. This is where Charley Chapters and his friend, The Scientist, come to the rescue. They explain the difference between closed, open and hyphenated compound words and how two words can join together to form a new word with a whole new meaning. The results can be quite explosive.

Level: 1st - 3rd grade

Time: 11 minutes



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“Animated book Charley Chapters helps his two young friends learn the fundamentals of grammar in two titles from an ongoing series. Adventures with Adjectives has Charley’s two puppet associates define and describe these noun modifiers. Crazy Compound Words introduces closed, open, and hyphenated words as a puppet scientist brews up some goofy compound words to consider. Each program is set in a school library and the puppet characters provide the humor in the lesson at hand. These programs are especially useful in that they offer a great many spoken and visualized examples and reinforcements of concepts. Clear onscreen captioning, diagrams, and pictograms are also effective aids.”